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Picnic at Parsley Bay

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With a lot of greenery in and around its parkland and the scenic Parsley Bay Bridge, Parsley Bay is picturesquely beautiful – a favourite picnic location for Sydneysiders as well as tourists. If you have kids with you, just let them loose in the children’s playground to have some outdoor fun.

And just in case you are the kind who love long walks, Parsley Bay is undoubtedly the right place for it. You can enjoy the beautiful views as you walk across and under the charming bridge that gives Parsley Bay the semblance of a picture postcard. This is most assuredly a pleasant way to unwind from the stressors of a normal city life that is just 10 km away! Take the kids on a Water Dragon Walk – they may be just lucky enough to catch sight of an Eastern Water Dragon!

If snorkelling or scuba diving is your forte, this small inlet of the Sydney Harbour gives you ample opportunities for it. Fishing is also engaged in by some visitors off the rocks of this bay. And you can close your beautiful picnic day with a relaxed swim in the calm waters of the bay which is well protected by a shark-proof net what with the Pacific Ocean being just a diving distance away!

Or better still, why not carry on past dusk and well into the dark? If you are game, why not try some night diving? Wouldn’t that be just exciting?


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